Full Fight Video Travis Browne Vs. Fabricio Werdum

Full Fight Video Travis Browne Vs. Fabricio Werdum! Unfortunately, you will see only 5 rounds of Fabricio Werdum dominations :(. Travis Browne was completely powerless probably because he suffers broken hand! Travis Browne UFC title fight is history now :(.

Full Fight Video Travis Browne Vs. Fabricio Werdum

Cain Velasquez expects to face Travis Browne!

Travis Browne Vs. Cain Velasquez? Cain Velasquez expects to face Travis Browne in November!

Cain Velasquez has not started training yet after underdoing shoulder surgery in December and he’s being patient with the rehab process. But he does have a target month that he’d like to be ready by.

“November sounds good,” Velasquez said Friday before UFC 171 weigh-ins at Gilley’s Dallas. “Hopefully with rehab and everything else, that would be enough time to get ready. I pretty much want to get back as soon as possible.”

As for who he’ll be fighting, Velasquez expects to see Travis Browne across the Octagon in the fall. Browne meets Fabricio Werdum in a title eliminator bout April 19 at FOX UFC Saturday in Orlando. Werdum is better on the ground, Velasquez said, but the champ predicts a Browne victory.

“Both guys are tough,” Velasquez said. “I think Travis Browne might be a little better on his feet with his overall length, power and the way he moves is really quick. … I’m kind of figuring Browne a little more.”

Velasquez already had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum on his right arm, so he doesn’€™t expect any complications from this surgery on his right shoulder. When he comes back, though, Velasquez is hoping to fight just twice a year. He fought three times in 11 months in 2012 and 2013, calling that “a little busy for me.”

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